Our Marijuana is produced by some of the finest licensed medical growers in British Columbia. You have the choice of choosing between a high grade to a low grade but don't be fooled as they are all considered award winning strains you will find in many households across USA/CANADA.

high grade marijuana medium grade marijuana low grade marijuana
High Grade Marijuana Medium Grade Marijuana Low Grade Marijuana

Pre-Rolled Joints and Hash

For people who don't like the trouble of rolling their own joints, we have pre rolled joints of high grade bud that come in .75 of a gram. If you prefer hash we have the best hashish for sale which is the resin that has been extracted from the bud of a cannabis plant.

pre rolled marijuana high grade hash medium grade hash
Pre-Rolled Joints High Grade Hash Medium Grade Hash
(Sold Out)


Extracts such as butters are used for cooking your own edibles or spreading on toast or your favorite pastry. The THC is released upon eating and will react the same way as any of our edibles. Capsules are a one time use for people who want the effects of THC but don't want to consume it directly.

hash oil canna gels cbd low thc capsules
Hash Oil Canna Gels CBD/Low THC Capsules
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e-cig honey oil phoenix tears cbd syringe
E. Cig/Honey Oil
(Sold Out)
Phoenix Tears/CBD Syringe
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For people that have a sweet tooth, we offer single dose candies that are tasttyyyyyy.
You can eat all at once or slowly lick it throughout the day. Keep out of the reach of children.

gummy candy sucker pure fudge squares
Gummy Candy Sucker (Sold Out) Pure Fudge Squares (Sold Out)


Our wide selection of Edibles includes cookies, brownies, muffins and loafs. Each slice contains approximately 1gram of high grade bud. We only use the freshest ingredients and all products are sent fresh and can be frozen upon arriving to your door.

peanut butter skor cookie rice krispy treats oatmeal choc chips cookie
Peanut Butter Skor Cookie Rice Krispy Treats Oatmeal Choc. Cake Cookies
brownies chocolate chip cookies
Brownies Chocolate Chip Cookies


Tinctures come in either 151% overproof Rum, Brandy or Tequila and take approximately 30 to 45 days to cure. They are made from alcohol and Kief and are used in small doses which is why they come in 50ml bottles and a spray top for small amounts under your tongue or on a salad.

medicated breath spray

THC / Mint Flavour

Marijuana Seeds

We have a few strains of marijuana seeds that our suppliers use to start their crops from. Our prices are better than any europe seed company and you will not get your order confiscated because they ship from within USA/CANADA.

master kush fem nyc diesel fem northern lights reg
Master Kush Feminized NYC Diesel Feminized Northern Lights Regular
afghan reg

Afghan Regular