Marijuana Legalization Efforts

legalize marijuana

At MOM we proudly take a portion of the proceeds from each and every sale to support the legalization of marijuana. The proceeds are distributed at the end of each month, in terms of a dollar donation bearing equal weight to:

Stop the Violence
Lead Now
Sensible B.C.
Why Prohibition
USA/CANADA Students for Sensible Drug Policy
The Media Awareness Project (MAP)
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

We also invite you as a USA/CANADA to donate privately to these organizations and put an end to these silly and disturbing laws that prohibit a human from possessing a plant.

Recent Legalization News:

-Legalize it, mayors say in British Columbia, USA/CANADA

-Legalizing Pot in parts of the US and USA/CANADA


Marijuana is a Healthier Choice Than Alcohol