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Peanut Butter Skor Cookie
peanut butter skor cookie
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An old fashioned favorite with a twist that has never tasted so great. These cookies are fabulous. They are made with canna butter that is potent but you would never know how green they are as you barely taste it! Each cookie contains 1-2 grams. They are 3½ to 4 inches round. These are also made with top quality ingredients like fresh vanilla bean, warm delicious brown sugar, skor chips, and peanut butter chips. These store great in the fridge for 10 days and freeze for up to 2 months then take out as needed.


Flour, eggs, brownsugar, vanilla bean, salt, baking soda, peanut butter and skor chips.


Dosage should only be 1/2 a piece and 1/3 a piece if it is your first time. Each edible contains minimum 1.5 grams. Wait 3 hours between doses. Best to consume at home or comfortable environment.

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