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NYC Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Originating from New York City, NYC Diesel is a champion strain that won several High Times Cannabis Cup awards from 2001 to 2004. Though still relatively a new strain, it is fast becoming a legend because of its accomplishments.

This hybrid of sativa and indica hybrid is known for its distinct and exotic taste with superb red grapefruit and lemon flavor matched by an overall high that is one of a kind described as like a floating stoned feel with clear-headed and energetic feel.

This strain is highly versatile and can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. It has a strong diesel fuel smell that can envelope the entire grow room especially when the leaves are brushed. This is a vigorous weed plant that grows with many lateral branches and broad leaves with deep green to purple colors. Once it blooms, the airy buds will produce a pungent diesel smell you may want to consider odour control.

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