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Northern Lights - Northern Light Special was bred by one of the craftiest master growers around, known commonly as KC Brains. This dutch breeder meticulously calculated this backcross 3 times, until some of the best genetics around were reached. The buds, which are dark-green and covered in amber-coloured trichromes give off a pleasant skunky and fruity aroma. Intense and fresh flavors of fruit, dank and flowers are the staple of this Northern Lights variety.

While it’s recommended to grow this strain indoors, it can be successfully cultivated in Mother Nature. Like most Northern Lights crosses, this strain is recommended for beginning growers and up. Most who grow Northern Light Special do it in a Sea of Green environment, since they grow short (usually no more than 28” tall) and very compact, producing fat, dense buds.

This strain first gained popularity in the Netherlands, where it was originally bred, but is now famous worldwide. Northern Lights varieties have long been hailed as top-notch, quality cannabis when grown properly.

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