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Master Kush - Originally called "High Rise," Master Kush originates in south Amsterdam, where it became an instant hit (no pun intended) in cannabis "coffee shops."

This strain is hardy and vigorous, thriving in most conditions and doing especially well indoors and in greenhouse settings. It's medium-sized, compact, dense plant with spiky forest-green leaves and ball-shaped buds with long orange hairs. It has little scent while growing.

The flavour of Master Kush is definitely a Kush derivative, with citrusy and earthy notes, as well as hints of pine and spice. It's a smooth smoke, and the taste and scent are fairly similar, and it provides an all-over buzz that can lead to couch-lock.
It's highly potent, and is an excellent choice for most medical treatment, but is especially beneficial for pain relief and appetite enhancement.

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