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We offer delivery right to your home in USA/CANADA of the same cannabis products you will find at your marijuana dispensary in your city. We offer discounts to people with medical conditions as well as cheap prices for repeat customers that order from us. We invite you to browse our site for your favorite THC treats and fill out your purchase order using our online or printable order form. Your real mail order marijuana will ship to you the same day we receive payment and you can be certain that the delivery is private and secure. Yes, you can buy real marijuana online with direct mail order and fast delivery to your home.

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If you are looking to buy marijuana in bud form, hash, cookies, brownies, tinctures or butter we will exceed your expectations with our amazing selection and quality of food products that are baked with the finest ingredients and set at a cost you can afford. Our chef is a professional cook and our growers have been growing the finest weed that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. We have only the best marijuana for sale that contains actual THC in all our products that you can now order online from our medical dispensary located in USA/CANADA.

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We believe that marijuana should be made legal (and it will soon) and so do the majority of Canadians who have suffered from this ongoing witch hunt for the last 60 years. It should be your sovereign right to possess a plant that naturally grows on planet earth as long as you do not harm others. Please spread the word and positive reviews about our online site and we look forward to seeing you buy from us soon. Remember, you get free shipping on any order over $200 and a discount if you are a medical user with proper documentation.

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If you are not yet a repeat customer, you might be thinking...Is this real? It must be a scam. well...we are very real and here to help you and your friends acquire the finest bud, food, hash, and other products that might be difficult to find in your local city or town in USA/CANADA. Remember that some cities in USA/CANADA are very tolerant of pot and have retail stores that you can buy weed from just by walking through the door. Yes you can buy weed online from our pot mail order delivery service 24 hours a day. Try us by clicking on the live chat or sending us an email to learn how we can help you with our great service and excellent weed products.